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Deli notes

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TouchSince 2004’s introduction of “touch!” - with the patented velvety coating - people know, that KAHLA is one of Europe’s most innovative procelain producers.

Italian or Indian? Asparagus or sushi? Fine dining or finger food? Never before has food been so varied and your guests so diverse. Your home is your castle as well as a refuge for your family and friends, kids and colleagues. Cooking is relaxation, eating a pleasure, and both together a prime way to enjoy being at home this is an intelligent solution, tailor-made to your personal approach to life, one that always remains faithful to one thing, your very own style…

…and since Tendence KAHLA innovates again and gives us a new tools to individualize our table decoration: Notes

5Senses Deli Notes

Notes has a special surface you can write, paint, draw on and… you can rub out. Leave a lovely “good-morning”-message for breakfast, deposit your key in it and write a note or use it as a labeled storage tank… there is no limit to your ideas!

Abra Cadabra Notes Deckel

For more info on KAHLA please visit…


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