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What a difference 6 weeks make…

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Growing up part time on Mallorca, I remembered this little B&B as, well a usual B&B. Small, quaint, a little old and dusty, but full of charm. S’hostal d’esporles was one of many small hotels in the small, by tourists unfrequented villages, that are so compelling by the mere fact that they withstand the urge to attract hundreds of potential guests. How stunned was I when I saw the pictures of the remodeled, now Hotel Rigel Esporles. Blame it all on Rafael Trobat and Miguel Miró who run the only acceptable interior decorating company on the island, Puigdorfila. Their impeccable taste and sensibility have transformed this little mom and pop into a precious little gem. Still only 10 rooms, the exterior remained unchanged, yet the inside is a new world. You needed a reason to visit the island of Mallorca? It doesn’t get much better than this. Great location, great food and an attentive young staff should make this visit one to remember. Make sure to travel in October, it wont be as hot as it can be in the summer and the tourists will have disappeared by then, leaving you to explore one of the most amazing islands you’ll ever visit.

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