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In anticipation of design…

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… a model idea is a poetic gesture with which the designer begins to shape something. It may never become a product, but will nevertheless act as a signpost for his future development or even the future development of others.


When thinking of a chair, a vase, a lamp or of any kind of known object, everyone has a general idea of the thing they are thinking of. In other words, there is a sort of archetype, a simplified original image, to which the mind refers when it encounters something or the word that represents it: vase, glass, teddy bear. This doesn’t mean that we all have the same lamp, the same bicycle or the same biscuit in mind. In fact, the different ways in which objects take shape is connected to the creative force of the archetype that resonates within the object and makes it recognisable, perhaps strange, unusual, disconcerting, yet nevertheless intelligible.


Anyone involved in design may have a very matter-of-fact attitude to their ideas and be primarily engaged in finding ways of turning them into products that might gain pride of place beside all the other products already on the shelves.

Yet, it may also be that the designer has a more poetic approach, less constrained by the need to make, produce and sell. He may be on the look out for a suitable formal solution through which to express a feeling, an inspiration or a belief. In this case his model idea becomes a way of suggesting a different story, a shifted perspective.

Fruit IndustrealMM

In this infinite play of ideas, the model ideas are brave enough to stand for what they are: slight gestures that do not pretend to add clutter to houses, streets and offices, but are nevertheless firmly intent on telling stories with words made of dust, glues and numeric information.

In the vast dictionary of design, model ideas live on, from A and well beyond Z.


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