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And the winner is…

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…Juan Amador.

“Feinschmecker” Germany’s leading Gourmet magazine is electing the top German restos every year in different categories. This year’s overall winner is “AMADOR“.

Amador 1

Spanish famed chef Juan Amador opened his new restaurant - huh… from my hometown it is only 20 minutes to drive there by car - in february 2004. Being medalled with two stars in 2000 and 2002 he’s now the # 1 place to eat in Germany.

Amador 3


Due to a “creative pause” the restaurant is closed until Sept. 7th… but than we’ll meet there and celebrate!!!

Restaurant AMADOR
Geöffnet: Di. bis Sa. ab 18:30 h Vierhäusergasse 1
63225 Langen
T: 06103 - 50 27 13
F: 06103 - 50 27 14

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