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A shopping spree in Frankfurt

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This is a little summary about my last trip across the city of Frankfurt.

My first pit stop led me to one of my favorite ressources for furniture and other lifestyle accessoires.

Frick is a retail shop in the heart of the city selling from Vitra’s and USM Haller’s classics to such beautiful gems like these…


… “Bloom” by Raeder are wonderful aluminium tools for your gardening…


…or the “bo”-bag by Macharten wool felt with a metal grip and quintessentially artless!


Then I stroke off for the “Kleinmarkthalle”. Here can you shop all and everything for the preparation of your dinner. Italian, Chinese, French, vegetables, fish, meat, cheese, wine… everything!!!

Kinya recently moved into the “Kleinmarkthalle”. He’s really not famous for the design of his webpage…but he’s ‘da man’ when it comes to sharpen your sushi-knive. He has a Japanese master degree in that discipline. As far as I know, you can send him your knive from whereever you are at the moment and you’ll get back a kind of Samurai-sword!

Walden helps to relief from all that strain… Thomas Klüber opened his new resto - with a huge terrace - and bar a few weeks ago and this friday his new club on the first floor will officially be opened to the public.


Here you should relax, have a cappuccino or a fresh salad and enjoy Frankfurt’s hip people stroll along…

Kleiner Hirschgraben 7
60311 Frankfurt
+49 69 92882700

So long…

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