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Cutting edge part 2

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Knife Sonoma
MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMThe samurai in me is still battling the engineer (see a couple posts further down) with a fairly uncertain outcome… but as a I was raving about the knives all evening long on Monday, I was given a little present today: another knive. Stop, don’t klick away, it’s not AVP here, different knives. VERY different knives:

Sugar coated knives. Well not really, but at first I thought I got a toy knife - did I bore everybody with my knife stories? Or was it the blood on the floor from my wounds?

OK, let’s not go there, but this seemed really cool at first. This is a single pupose knife, sort of the idiot savant of knives… It’s a tomato knife (duh, it’s red…) that has a specific resin coating which resists the corrosion from the acid of a tomato. So besides the fact that it is freakin’ sharp, it wont rust. But then again, all my other knives don’t rust either and they are not candy colored… So I am a little unsure what to think of it, on the one hand it works really great (well yeah, it’s brand new) on the other it looks a little odd, too toyish… Just another marketing idea? Well, in any case, I will update you once I’ve finished this pallet of tomatoes that just arrived… Oh and it seems to be a Williams Sonoma exclusive…

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