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Home sweet home…

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My oh my… I told you that traveling between the coasts basically means always missing out on the fun stuff because you are on the wrong side at the right time… Well this week was a particular case of bad luck.

Firstly I missed Valerie Garral spinning the discs at Glass on Wednesday - she does that every two weeks and it is always fabulous… So if you are tired of waiting in line at Marquee, because you don’t seem to be the high roller you’d want to be, don’t worry, go next door, enjoy a fun night without the drag… But this Wednesday was also the opening night for Home.

Located - obviously - on 27th street (honestly, what is it with that neighborhood, 5 years ago basically nothing and today THE nightlife destination…) and does it get the right people together to kick it of… Ronnie Madra - whom you’ll obviously all remember from GBH Friday at Lotus and Gypsy Tea, Pangea’s Michael Ault, designer Steve Lewis (who brought us Spa, Marquee and Gypsy Tea - what happened at Marquee Steve?) and DJ, producer extraordinaire and recording artist Mark Ronson (still love that Nikka Costa album!!!)… With a little help from Susan Blond (publicist phenomenal) they brought the house down yesterday and I can’t wait to get back to the city to see for myself, because first hand reports tell me it will be the place to chill for the remainder of the summer… and obviously fall and potentially winter… well maybe.

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