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A double what?

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Yeah, I like a hot doppio after dinner, and a café con leche around 10ish, but why ruin an absolutely impeccable - potentially colombian - coffee bean, freshly ground to the perfect grade, pressed through an italian coffee maker with the utmost pressure into a preheated tiny cup with skim milk? Or even worse: with soy? Allright, I won’t go there, freedom of choice and all, but call me traditional or even backwards, I like coffee the way the southern europeans do it, and they are pretty much the inventors of the stuff we generally buy at either of the ubiquitous coffee joints…
So how about tea? Chinese Ooolong? Japanese Sencha? Anybody? Allright, be patient, you’ll love it (especially after you understand how healthy it is), it’s also pretty much the closest you can get to the qualities that wine portaits - unfortunately not just in flavor, bouquet, aroma, color, but also in price - and as with wine, you need the proper container - shall I dare say cup - to enjoy it…

So was I delighted today when I got my Phases of the Moon Tea Set… Oh yeah! It is manufactured by one of the few remaining american potteries, Heath Ceramics in Sausalito and everything is done by hand… My tea set was a collaboration between Heath and Christina Kim from Dosa and is pretty much the most sensual piece of stoneware I have ever touched. Phases of the Moon obviously because it comes in different shades - representing - you know - the moon phases. Every piece is different and the way the glaze softly reflects the light and the silken sheen it emits - aah, sheer bliss. At least for somebody who really appreciates tea and prefers it without a double shot of caramel…

So I will start boiling some water now, and will enjoy a nice cup of Bai Hao Oolong out of my new cups… All you others, continue to enjoy a decaf double whatever with extra blah blah blah, fine, but one thing is for sure, I will have the prettier cup.


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