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Fashionista’s in Germany unite!

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JadesWhat started with Bread & Butter in Barcelona, continued in Berlin has now come the high brow fashion event cpd in Duesseldorf. The fashion junkies are travelling through Europe again, sort of preparing for the fall shows.
Yesterday evening Jades - Germany’s hippest address for fashion and style - threw their annual evangelists get together in Duesseldorf’s RIVA.

JadesThe ladies were in the house! Showing off their loudest dresses and the latest in jeans couture - it felt like the denim section at Barney’s: Chip&Pepper to the left, True Religion to the right, The Great China Wall straight ahead. And can you say bling? Needless to say - that really seems to be the must-have 2005 in fashion by now. The go-go’s were heating-up the crowd… and at least one of them has been driving a formula one car only a few hours earlier ;-)

The decoration was thai-wat-like (a special temple from Thailand - but I’m sure you all knew that), the fingerfood corresponding and D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S! Not the usual, spring roll here, pad thai there kinda stuff, but teeny weeny green veggie curry amouse bouches, fragrant and spicy baby rice paper rolls, sour and intense Tom Kah in spoons and the most delectable caramelized baby bananas I have had (well actually I had them twice) in a long time.

Ugh…you like snakes? Voila…

Jades…and it was the offical launch of Dracula’s Prosecco - we told you about it a couple days ago - that got an amazing reception, everybody loved the ‘juice’, be it for novelty factor or taste…

Marsecco at JadesIt was still hoppin’ when I left at 2A to seek out another new venue in the old part of town, but let’s keep that for later. All told - it has been a fun event and I am looking forward to the next one, wondering whether anybody in Munich, Berlin or Hamburg would be able to keep up with Jades!?

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