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Project fusion

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Adidas polar
Have you already heard about the new cooperation between adidas and Polar?

In august they’ve announced “The world’s first integrated training system” for next spring.

How does it work? Special fibers bonded onto adidas tops, work in conjunction with Polar’s Wear Link™ technology to eliminate the need for a separate chest strap to monitor heart rate. Just snap the tiny Polar WearLink connector onto the front of the shirt and go. The data is sent to the Polar RS 800™ wrist-mounted running computer, which easily displays and records all information in real time. Simply put, your shirt talks to your running computer.

The adiStar Fusion shoe has a strategically placed cavity in the midsole which can house the very light Polar s3™ Stride Sensor, making it easier to use, more comfortable and more consistently accurate than top-of-shoe systems. And you won’t even know it’s there when your shoe is talking to your running computer.
Information like speed and distance, chronograph functions, along with heart rate, are also shown on the RS800™ in real time. And when the workout is over, all data can be downloaded onto a computer so workouts can be easily managed and analyzed, meaning the whole system talks to you.
for Polar Electro.

Purchasing the entire system — Polar RS 800™, Polar s3™ Stride Sensor, adiStar Fusion top and adiStar Fusion shoe — will be around 640 Euros/680 Dollars. The products are available as separate pieces as well, and available in spring of 2006.


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