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Serene Telephony

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Our new friends at Charles and Marie have found another wonderful gem: A new ‘fashion’ phone created by Bang & Olufsen and Samsung - that looks refreshingly different than the other ‘fashion’ phones - the Serene. It is so refreshing because they have reinvented the rotary dial and left the unnecessary gizmo’s away. …enabling comfort and convenient communications… Obviously all the data is easily exchangeable from your existing B&O devices, so no more adding numbers… What do you mean you don’t have a B&O phone?
We also wanted to take a moment and point all of you who haven’t seen it, to Charles and Marie’s wonderful site. It’s a great blog - with more coming (we can’t wait) - they will open a very unique shop concept very soon as well. So head over to Charles and Marie, sign up for the newsletter and tell all your friends about it. By the way, Josh Spear is involved with it as well, so that should be plenty of good reasons…

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