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2nd “Bottom Line Design Awards”

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Bottom line
Business 2.0 and frog design announce their 2nd “Bottom Line Design Awards”

Good design is nice to look at, but great design exhibits beauty that’s more than skin-deep — it integrates form, function, and market need. The best place to see the latter, of course, is the bottom line, which is why Business 2.0 and frog design created the first industrial design awards to honor products not just for their beauty but also for their commercial success.

For the last competition they assembled a panel of nine expert judges—from industries as diverse as advertising, fashion, and technology — who were asked to consider everything from a product’s success in the marketplace to its impact on a corporate culture. And, of course, how nice it was to look at. Here are their picks for this year’s best-designed products.

Recently they started the nomination for the 2nd award in 2006 - only accepting third-party nominations for the competition. To nominate a product that has been released in the 2005 year, download the nomination form (PDF).

NOMINATION DEADLINE: December 1st, 2005

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