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Intelligent energy

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Fuel cell technology should be a worthwhile alternative in times when the price for oil keeps rising and rising. env shows the world’s first purpose-built fuel cell motorcycle which could be a first answer to ever increasing energy costs. This technology helps us continue to enjoy the benefits and pleasures of mobility without mortgaging the health of the planet.


CoreAfter years of research and development, hydrogen power is no longer a distant dream and can be packed in such a neat and compact “Core” that good design is no longer limited. By the nature of its electrochemical reaction, a fuel cell can be more than twice as efficient as an internal combustion engine!

Some details:
emissions are almost completely clean!
substantial relief from exhaust fume in big cities
4 hours rides without refueling gives a range of 160 kilometers in urban usage
no gears and easy to use even for elder people
no sound - no noise pollution!


After the first official appearance in spring 2005 I hope, that this technology and bike will become true during 2006!!!

designed by www.seymourpowell.com

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