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Elf Craft

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ElfcraftWolfgang A. Elfers designs very individual pieces of jewelry. I met him yesterday in his workshop in Hamburg. In his early days he was driven by the question: “Should men wear jewelry and fashionable accessories like women do?”

He answered this general question in his very individual and extraordinary way by designing several pieces of men’s jewelry. First single designs extended into a fascinating collection of jewelry including bracelets, necklaces, cufflinks, belts, biker chains, rings and a lot of individual pieces - even manufactured according to customer’s wishes.

Elfcraft2You will not find his latest gems on his website - as for example, there are some new and really beautiful leather bracelets with decorated sterling clasps… I had to buy some of this.

GQ USA is about to feature his collection in one of their next issues… let’s wait to see some new!


ElfCraft, Inc. is internationally presenting their collection very successfully. You find Wolfgang’s jewelry at first class menswear stores or jewellers in large cities worldwide. To find your nearest dealer, you better contact ElfCraft directly.

Elfcraft4Not for men only, vice versa Wolfgang’s opinion is: There should be a reason for women to share his approach of jewelry design. From idea to design - it is strictly Wolfgang’s handwriting. His very individual style guaranties continuity and success.


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