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Finally a great bag!

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I have been looking for the appropriate bag to assist me on my travels forever. The kind of bag that is big and allows you to carry tons of samples and brochures without straining your shoulders. It must be smart and organized so you’ll find all your gadgets easily and don’t have to start searching for hours, without having the über geek appeal, some of the ‘connected bags’ have. It should also look cool, so you are not mistaken with the messenger that usually shows up in the office… Obviously the laptop has to easily fit inside as well… You know that kind of bag that doubles as a head rest on 9 hour lay overs in Kuala Lumpur or elsewhere…

Well, enough said, here is my favorite and it is definitely not from any brand you have ever heard of: Tom Bihn. I googled the web and literally looked at hundreds if not thousands of bags and then I found Tom. His website is a tiny bit clunky, but he has a great attitude, great products and a nice way of putting your desired bag together. And the bag is awesome. I took it to Paris for the last weeks and it really performed. Whether at M&O or in town, nothing to complain about.

Obviously this is the kind of bag you don’t take to the Pret a Porter shows, it’s not really a fashion statement, but sometimes functionality outscores style… Maybe he will launch a stylish bag in the future? But if you are looking for well made bags, make sure to check his bags out!

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