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Growing a lifestyle brand

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Hadi teheraniHadi Teherani and his architectural office BRT are well known for an architecture that is awaking emotions, leading to striking buildings and simultaneously being sensitive parts of the urban context.

The same standard will be applied when he recently establish a brand with Hadi Teherani AG starting with architecture, the topics will further more comprise lifestyle, living and others.

Teherani CDLatest outcome: A CD playing 60 minutes elegant lounge music compliled by Chris Le Blanc, who also works for “Cafe del mar”.

SilverThe mobile workstation St@ndby-Office, the floor covers Tec, Transparency as well as the office chair ensemble Silver are first products and studies which they already created in their Hamburg office prove how innovative their solutions are.

Design by Hadi Teherani means first of all: designing timeless products in consideration of architectural demands, to consider the functionality of those products as a matter of course and to add emotionality.

Brt BookA brand new heavy-weight documentation shows much of BRT’s architectural work during the last years. It’s a very worth addition to your architectural library!

H. Teherani says: “In future design and architecture shall both exist in parallel…”

Welcome to his new and surprising design world!

Interested in the book(80) or the CD(20)? Mail us!

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