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Publishers Hermann Schmidt - nominee for German design award

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Typo QuartettPublishing house Hermann Schmidt is another nominee for the 2006 German Design awards.

Typographic Top Trumps” - remember how you passed whole childhood afternoons playing top trumps, hoping the winning card would be yours no matter if the car in it boasted many cylinders, lots of horsepower or fabulous top speed? Although this did not make you a formula one pro, it gave you a feeling for the world of fast wheels.

The Typographic Top Trumps put you into the pole position in a race where sans serif, ascenders and descenders are what matters. With these cards, you will learn the characteristics of each font, as well as its construction year or its designer, at breakneck speed. By the way: did you know that, just like cars, fonts can be loud and obnoxious or even dynamic? The three authors offer different scales for the characteristics such as durability, repertoire, volume, dynamics, stars, bad taste points and personality. These elements give the game unexpected turns and contribute to the fun.

www.typografie.com …where you can shop “Typographic Top Trumps” for 14,80 .

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