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Ugly radiators doomed

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To the best of my belief, the days of lousy radiator design are numbered - that’s another insight from our days in Paris!!! At least if you can afford some of the following…

Radiator 5-1

For example the Italian manufacturer Ad Hoc (damned… what a website in comparison to their products???), DeltaCalor and UK-based Eskimo represent a real revolution in domestic heating, thanks to the idea of formal and technological distinction of the radiant element. Their exclusive design gives heating appliances an importance the hidden position of the traditional element never had.

Radiator 6-1DeltaCalor’s “System I” is a sculpture per se and an interesting decoration for every room of your home.

Thanks to a particular flexibility in its industrial processes, Ad Hoc can present the client with diversified designs and very limited series, or even prototypes, based on projects by independent architects and designers.

Ad Hoc’s “Motus” is charged with innovation as regards form. It may assume the value of a sign, a sculpture.
Radiator 1Radiator 2“Upper” is a ladder radiator. It has a high performance as a heated towel rail. It is meant for use in a high version and it is possible to increase the horizontal bars. Upper satisfies all heating performance requirements.
Radiator 4

And Eskimo’s“towel clip” is simply so delightful for your bathroom.
Radiator 7

More to find at…


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