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C’est quoi?

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Ainsi c.quoiC.QUOI is a french company offering a feast of whimsical yet useful, adaptable objects that shall bring a touch of humor into our everyday life! They ecstasized us for a little moment at Maison & Objet after endless walking through not air-conditioned trade fair halls.

“Ainsi soit-il” is a pure wool rug from New Zealand, hand tufted in the Serge-Lesage Ateliers. Its tranquil softness recalls a tuft of green grass… grass that is greener than your neighbour’s!

Justin c.quoi“Justin” is a little duck that your children will insist upon when you have a coffee. The same size and weight as a classic sugar cube, “the poor” comes with 12 other friends. Of course, a thought has been spared for the little rascal!

Jou-Jou c.quoi“Jou-Jou” is a delighfully teasing lollipop. As the sugar melts, eyes meet, noses brush playfully, before melting into sweet kisses. Magic, intimate, sensual…

Marto c.quoi“Marto” is a white ceramic moneybox with a beech handle, thus shortening the process of breaking the piggybank wit the hammer !

Mur mur c.quoi“Mur mur” is a vase which frames the flowers it holds, and can be fixed either to the wall or placed on a table. It exists in untreated slate, white porcelain or with a platinium finish.

C.QUOI is well known and distributed in France. For the simple reason that not only the French should have a smile in the faces, you should check out for…

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