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Flair of Istanbul

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Since its debut in September 2004, GAIA & GINO has well established to create a new Turkish design brand. The first of this collection was the “Liquid Glass” glassware by Defne Koz, a Turkish designer living in Milan.

Internationally acclaimed designer Karim Rashid in New York designed the best known collections. Karim reinterprets the dining experience by creating a series of unique innovative products:

Morphescape“MORPHESCAPE” the non-stop continuation of a single undulating surface is divided into every need for the table enabling one to have an entire table connected by each function as a modular scape. The inspiration is the cityscape of Istanbul from Minarets and mosques to the modern city and the Bosphorus.

Happy“Happy people” are reversible, crystal glasses; serving one glass with 2 choices where you can drink from both sides. Each glass is named after a different country people upon either shape or tradition of the country. MehmetFor example Karl is German, a beer glass, whereas Mehmet (photo) is Turkish, with one side raki (traditional Turkish alcoholic beverage), the other side champagne glass and Pierre is French with one side red wine, the other side white wine glass.

GAIA & GINO’s latest collections are designed by Arik Levy - brand new exhibited at Maison & Objet in Paris. Candleholder “KAZ” is named after one of the most famous mountains in the Aegean part of Turkey which looks like an iceberg. KAZ shall symbolize the never melting top of an iceberg.
Volcano“Volcano” glass collection is the perfection in connecting the material to the finished form. It’s a pleasure to drink from a glass that triggers multiple senses and stimulates our imagination.

OsmanApart from glassware they decided to start a new jewelry collection with Arik. “Queens & Kings” are beautiful France-made bracelets and rings - either mirror polished or sandblasted matte finished stainless steel and named after the famous East Empire Sultans and their wifes Osman, Soraya, Esma and Aisha.Esra

As this aren’t by far all news from GAIA & GINO you should enjoy more details at

or start shopping at www.retromodern.com

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  1. ozgur
    September 7th, 2005 09:56

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    its very cool and sophisticated

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