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Taste of the Balearics

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Uhh… another lovely gem that caught my eyes during my Tendence’s reconnaissances:

IbizacafeI already raved of Ibiza a few days ago… but the fact that Cafes Ibiza is a leading company in its field with a long tradition in the roasting and manufacture of finest coffees… that was new to me. They were born in nineteen-fifty and since then, they have been selecting the finest harvests to offer us their Balearic flavor.

First to say: I like the design of their packaging!!! Buy 20 packs and decorate them in one of your open kitchen cabinets …looks great! - that’s how they were presented at the fair.

But it’s not only about packaging-design. I’ve tried the blend of 80% Cafés Arabicas - which are characterized by a fresh aroma with fruity nuances - and 20 % robust coffees, that give it a full body in the cup and stamping it with its own character. The Arabians are: Colombia, Costa Rica, India Plantation A and Brazil being the most notable. The robust ones are: Indonesia Lavado and India Cherry.


Unfortunately their online-shop has a malfunction. Mercifully you can contact www.stile-di-vita.de at least for the supply in Germany.

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